Ella Rue

William Low: Ace of Diamonds

As an artist and commercial illustrator, I am best known for my color and use of light. I use these elements to communicate emotions or concepts for a wide range of assignments: advertising campaigns, adult and children’s books, illustrations for postage stamps and artwork for public spaces.

I do not consider myself a conceptual illustrator and I do not use my artwork to express my personal or political point of view. That was my challenge in approaching the project 52 Ways to Love a Vet-- I wanted to create an image that was powerful and iconic, with the potential for evoking a strong emotional response.

During a summertime family barbecue, I talked about this project with my wife’s cousin, Lieutenant Colonel Michael Scholetti who has served in Afghanistan from 2010 – 2011. I was to illustrate the Ace of Diamonds and Scioletti suggested that I create an image representing the fallen soldier memorial, with boots, rifle, helmet and dog tags. I loved this concept and the iconic power of this image, but I was concerned that the idea was not positive-- how would this image be perceived? After all, my original intention was to create something positive and heroic, to honor the service and sacrifice of all veterans.

When I discussed my concerns with Ella Rue, we both agreed that this image would make a powerful card. To address my concerns for wanting to create something more positive, she allowed me to create art for a second card, so I was also assigned the Jack of Diamonds.

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