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Tina LeMay: Overview

I am currently serving as the Creative Director for Student Affairs Publications at Clemson University with responsibility for planning, developing and directing the Division of Student Affairs informational program, including brand management and communication strategies. I develop, manage and edit communication material for the Division designed to promote and explain Division/department goals, activities and objectives. I develop policies and procedures and serve as a part of the Vice President’s Cabinet Team, advising the VPSA on top-level issues regarding Division reputation and communication. I also advise a student-run, large format print business, based on an academic-intern model, where students work in a learning lab environment with actual clients/jobs. In 1994, I received my BA from Clemson University and in 1996 my MEd. I wan honored to be able to be included in the “52 Reasons to Love a Vet” project. I chose to focus on the immense sacrifice men and women make to protect our freedoms. The heart-wrenching leaving of families, the missing of new births or momentous occasions, all while risking their own lives, leaves me in awe of such selflessness. My hope is this project will continue to raise awareness of our veteran (and active military) personnel and remind people of the heavy price of war. I wanted the military person to remain faceless so that it would be representative of the many, while keeping the focus on the daughter who doesn’t want their parent to leave (possibly for a second or third time). I wanted to show her physically grabbing the pant leg as if begging the person not to leave reminding viewers that such casualties are also part of war and the immense service these military personnel show day in and day out.

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