Ella Rue

Stephen Gardner: Ace of Spades

Stephen graduated from the Falmouth Art School in 1983 and began a career as a freelance illustrator in London straight out of school, also spending many years working a various studios in Germany as a technical illustrator. Stephen moved to New York in 1989 to continue his career and education, he has since became an award winning illustrator, has earned his MFA and is currently an adjunct professor whilst still working in his chosen field.

“When I chose the ace of spades as my card I knew that I wanted to make a strong dramatic statement, I also think of the aces as trump cards and I regard the nuclear threat ace being the trump card in any war, a nuclear mushroom cloud is the last thing that any sane person would ever want to see. I kept the palette for the painting in a toxic yellow/green to add to what a hope is a disturbing image”.

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