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Jime Wimmer: Jack of Hearts

Jime Wimmer, MFA in Illustration from Hartford University grew up in rural Pennsylvania. Her father was serving in the Air Force when he met her mother in South Korea. Jime grew up trying to best fit between the two worlds of cultures, American and Korean. Often she disappeared in her sketchbook when kids teased her or when she didn’t quite fit in. Jime was accepted into the School of Visual Arts in NYC in 1996 but could not make it work financially since she was living on her own by the age of 19. Soon, Jime began working in the same factory that her father did growing up. Nine years later she realized she was teaching others how to work in the factory and she decided to return to school to become a teacher, and teach others art. Jime earned her BS in Art Education at Keystone College and furthered her study into Illustration at Hartford where she met her husband. 

Jime resides in Oklahoma with her husband, fellow artist/illustrator Mike Wimmer and her son Brodie. Jime teaches art full time at Edmond Memorial HS and University of Central Oklahoma part time.

She chose to participate in the “52 Reasons to Love a Vet” project because of the many students she has seen struggle through school, ultimately feeling as though they had little options but to join the military. These young people are usually unprepared to comprehend the sacrifices they will face, but they learn all too quickly and harshly the reality. When she looks at her students she sees her son…and thinks of all the lives that have been forever changed. 

"Jack of Hearts"
The Jack of Hearts is the only one-eyed jack in the deck. Our little Jack is clutching his parent’s Purple Heart with an emptiness that comes with loss. As the darkness envelopes him, we can only thank him for his sacrifice and not bring back the only thing he desires. His world is forever changed. 
This painting is for all our children and dedicated to all of the parents lost. 

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